Security AssessmentsSecurity and compliance should always be top of mind for modern businesses. Our assessments can identify shortcomings and suggest improvements that'll put you on solid ground.

Network Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Find security gaps and map them to practical solutions.Define the current and future state of your security environment with a complete internal and external cybersecurity assessment. We'll determine how your organization maps to best practices, along with the steps needed to get to the next level of security and maintain a robust security environment as change occurs.

Penetration Test

Better protect your business by uncovering security weaknesses.The first tactical step you can take to begin the identification process for weaknesses in your IT environment is security penetration testing. Our security professionals use proven techniques and tools to help you evaluate your technical, administrative, and management security controls and conduct tests against your internet perimeter using real-world attack techniques - both automated and manual.

Data Loss Prevention Assessment

Discover, monitor, and protect sensitive business data.Today, an organization's success heavily depends on the ability to share, access, and disseminate information. The workforce is increasingly working outside the corporate network, accessing documents and databases from anywhere. And exposure to data breaches is compounded as more technologies enter an organization, which makes it easier for data to become lost or leaked. So instead of security that only protects the network, it's time to shift attention to securing the data. The best place to start is a PrimisPro Data Loss Prevention Assessment.

Application Security Assessment

Assess applications, prioritize remediation, and reduce risks.While automated scanning is an important first step in identifying vulnerabilities, an application security assessment is a crucial part of lifecycle management. To augment automated testing, PrimisPro application security assessments include advisory services to provide an in-depth look at vulnerabilities in software.

HIPPA Security Assessment & Compliance Review

Improve security and reduce costs with an accurate risk assessment.Identifying potential security threats that put your patients' data and organization at risk requires a thorough HIPAA security risk analysis. Our HIPAA Security Assessment is an in-depth appraisal of your organization's adherence to existing policies and industry best practices. After identifying any areas of weakness, we'll develop countermeasures in three areas - people, process, and technology - for HIPAA Security Rule requirements.

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis & Compliance Audit

Your first line of defense against noncompliance.A full PCI DSS risk assessment can be expensive to run, but penalties for noncompliance range from $5,000 to $500,000. PrimisPro offers a PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit, which will allow you to recognize and investigate the requirements for PCI compliance without performing a costly, time-consuming full scan. These scanning services allow you to identify vulnerabilities that may block your company from meeting PCI security requirements.