Compute & VirtualizationIf data is the lifeblood of business, the data center is the heart. With specialized solutions from PrimisPro, we'll get yours in perfect health

Data Center Infrastructure Rack & Roll

The speed you need.Whether you're breaking ground on a new data center or upgrading a server room, our fully integrated racks fast-track the design, purchase, integration, and testing of your new data center infrastructure so you can utilize your valuable IT personnel on other strategic projects.

Server Design & Implementation

Know the facts before you create a roadmap.A server upgrade is a big undertaking that can raise a lot of questions. We're here to help you address them and point you in the right direction. Our Server Assessment Service provides deep insight into your virtual and physical server environment. We also provide strategic recommendations that our IT engineers use to design optimized solutions that lower risk and that meet the requirements of your business.

Virtualization Design & Implementation

Embrace virtualization with confidence.Virtualization can help you simplify IT management, improve application reliability, and reduce IT spend. But to achieve these benefits, it's critical to configure, install, and maintain the virtual infrastructure properly. So, whether your organization is new to virtualization or you want to expand your current environment, an assessment is a necessary first step to ensure success.
Storage & Data ProtectionGiven the high cost of downtime and data recovery, it's vital to plan ahead when dealing with information storage. With our setup and security support, your data will be ready for just about anything.

Tier 1-3 Storage Design & Implementation

The right tool for every job.Chances are your traditional storage environment is reaching its limits as the amount of data you need to manage grows exponentially. What's more, different types of data are unique in terms of compliance, frequency of being accessed, and value, which is why PrimisPro will work with you every step of the way to design and implement a complete storage environment that makes sense for your business.

Data Protection Design & Implementation

Safe and sound.As customers continue their digital transformations, the exponential growth of data will put greater and greater pressure on IT teams. Fortunately, PrimisPro will work with you every step of the way to safeguard your data from corruption, loss, or compromise with our back-up and archival capabilities.

Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation

The best defense.You need to know that your company's reputation, operations, and data won't be impacted by a system failure, security breach, natural disaster, or human error. PrimisPro provides end-to-end disaster recovery solutions that enable recovery of your infrastructure, applications, and data based upon the policies you set across secondary sites that are on premise or in the cloud.
Hyperconverged InfrastructureSay hello to the infrastructure of the future. Our experts will help you configure, deploy, and manage your own hyperconverged solution to bring about a new age of productivity in your organization.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Implementation

Do more with less.Simply throwing capacity at your traditional infrastructure doesn't help address the fundamental need to increase the scalability, agility, or performance of your data center. Our team of technical specialists will work with you to assess your current infrastructure and design and implement a hyperconverged solution that improves your efficiency and scalability without sacrificing performance - all with a quick ROI.